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Cannabis Accounting Education and Training Bookkeepers CPAs Tax

cannabis accounting

In other words, the weight of evidence convinced the court that these activities were separate and distinct and did not primarily support the trafficking of marijuana. Dext Precision – intelligent data cleanup, bookkeeping, and compliance tools designed for Xero and QuickBooks Online professionals. Identify mis-codings, track key liabilities, and spot unwanted changes to historical data. Dext Prepare – allows you to collect client paperwork, accurately extract data and automate processing into any general ledger, streamlining your workflows so team members can work more closely with clients. When asked to describe their cannabis client acceptance procedures, all five of the Certified Public Accountants working with the industry indicated that they try to get to know the client much like any other potential engagement.

Not tracking your sales

cannabis accounting

Marcum’s Cannabis Services Group is established in major markets throughout the country, including numerous states where cannabis has or will become legal for both medical and/or recreational use. Internal Control Structure – development of proper internal controls while keeping in mind efficiency and company structure. I tell people in a 30-year career, you may have the chance to get involved in a new industry maybe once in your career, and the time is now for cannabis. By the way, Ron will attest to this, we have a lot of fun to these AICPA events.

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Your accountant will not be the only financial professional considered by your cannabis business. Many businesses that sell cannabis feel like they can only keep cash on hand. Choose a local bank or a credit union instead of a federal bank account. Recruiting a legal group with cannabis accounting great experience with the cannabis business is an unquestionable requirement. To attract new recruits, accounting’s largest professional group has spearheaded a program that allows students to continue their education online while working for companies, non-profits or CPA firms.

New England Cannabis Leader Drew Richards was profiled in Burns & Levinson’s CannaBusiness Advisory Spotlight Series.

They say how a business’s finances will be handled and to what standard. This is more than a policy or talking point; it is the foundation that prevents errors, omissions, and money from leaking out the door. Simply put, corporate governance is the business’s philosophy and set of rules for how to act ethically. It’s an important question, and a quick guide can’t give a simple answer to it. It is advisable to sit down with investors and a company attorney to discuss the advantages and cons and how they will impact your firm’s future. A C-Corporation makes the business a separate legal entity from its shareholders.

  • Some Certified Public Accountants may determine that they are willing to accept such core stigma as part of their business strategy as may be the case for Certified Public Accounting firms who specialize in cannabis clients (Hudson and Okhuysen 2009).
  • A cannabis accountant can help you save money and keep extra cash on hand in case of these things.
  • That’s one of the big things for people to be aware of is this industry, which is a $30 billion a year industry that the state regulated legal side, not counting the illicit side, $30 billion it has to be done each within state boundaries.
  • The entities falling under the Cherry Bekaert brand are independently owned and are not liable for the services provided by any other entity providing services under the Cherry Bekaert brand.
  • Not only is it PS’s entire mission to treat your business as our own, but we also foster each partnership with the humble understanding there is no PS without you.
  • This study provides a better understanding of the accounting and tax complexities of the cannabis industry as perceived by cannabis business owners and Certified Public Accountants who are already serving the industry.

Why is accounting important for cannabis businesses?

Like any other business, the cannabis business could lose money because of unexpected costs, such as a rise in the price of goods or even a lawsuit. If the accountant cannot assist you, they can refer you to other financial professionals eager to work with and specialize in marijuana businesses. However, accounting is a significant obstacle for budding cannabis business owners. Remember, you are a cannabis client’s secret ingredient to major gains. According to one estimate, US cannabis businesses could bring in a yearly profit of $130 billion by 2024, which means both you and your client have a lot of earning potential.

  • In addition, the accountant may want to interview a Certified Public Accountant from a more mature state to get advice on how to competently proceed and minimize risk.
  • The Certified Public Accountant should start with an interview to get to know the client.
  • Cash may be stolen by employees and is most susceptible to theft when entering or exiting the business (Frazer 2016).
  • New York City is notorious for their “stop and frisk” policies by which many of these arrests are made.
  • CPAs will be needed to provide sound financial advice and support to cannabis businesses.


cannabis accounting

Inventory Control and Auditing: Ensuring Accurate Data for Financial Clarity

Accounting and internal control

  • So many times, people create a business plan to achieve licensure but don’t know how to work the plan when it finally comes time to open their doors.
  • Now we have an over-saturated market in many areas, particularly out west in Oregon and California and even Colorado.
  • Effective internal controls were missing in the Alterman v. Commissioner case in which a medical cannabis company failed to maintain adequate records and failed to understand how to comply with Tax Code Section 280E (Lee 2018).
  • Comparison, or triangulation, between themes identified in the CRB owner interviews and themes identified in the Certified Public Accountant interviews helped to ensure reliability of the research (Merriam 2009).
  • Department of Justice (DOJ) issued guidance commonly known as the Cole Memorandum.

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